We’d like to say a heartfelt “Thank You”to the following people who supported our fundraising campaign via the Australian Cultural Fund in May 2016, who enabled our campaign to be successfully funded at 123% – we couldn’t have got Season Two of the web series filmed and our live show launched without your help – and we are extremely grateful for your support.

Actor Fight Training Australia
Steve & Trudy Ager
Ballarat Equipment Services
Robina Bamforth
Sam Barrett-Brown
Maria Bartusiak
Kristina Benton
Kieran Billing
Kris Bolam
Newie Boi
Linda Cairnes (Lushlifearts)
Natasha Celm
Chiropractic Alchemy
Sarah Clarke
Perri Cummings
Leighanne Doyle
Alan Fletcher
Laura Gardner
BP Gregory
Jamie Hansen
Victoria Haslam
LG Herb
Howard Fine Acting Studio
Informal Music
Kay Jamieson
Pankaj Kashyap
Sonya Kerr
Belinda Kirwan
Kim Ko
Jeanne Kotelly
Scott Lawrence
Alfred Lai
David Macrae
Scott McLeod
Katie McLorinan
Jenny Madden
Brina Marks
Jessica Martin
Christine Moffat (Moffaganza)
Heather Morris
Kathleen Neal
Nina Nicols
Paul Nowakowski
Mark Salvestro (Second Breakfast)
Shane Savage
Derek Seller
Dorothy Seller
James Smedley
Chris Sofotasios
James Stafford
Jessica Stanley
Natalie Pickett (Thickett investments)
Pete Valley
Anthony Veng
Janet Watson Kruse
Tali WD
Carolyn Wilden
Jana Wilkes
Charlotte Williams
Errol Williams
Sam Wills
Ben Winch
Willy WU


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